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mod app [kakumei]

Name [or nick name]- Natalie AKA Teacup or CP
Age- 16
State- TX
4 Favorite Bands- SoCo. Postal Service, Death Cab, Muse,
4 Favorite Movies- Real Genius, Sleeping Beauty, Exorcist, Evil Dead
4 Favorite Foods- Sushi, Ice Cream, Tomato, French Toast
4 Favorite Books- Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Dante's Inferno, Anything by Poe
Favorite Actor- Val Kilmer
Favorite Color- Pink
Favorite Actress-Linda Blair
Favorite Musician- Andrew McMahon
Favorite Causes-V-Day
Opinions [few sentences please]
Drinking/Drugs- I don't do either. It's stupid to waste your life like that but, I won't bother you if you do. I suppose it's really none of my business.
Feminism- I'm pretty against the uber- feminazi business, but I do believe in the V-day let's not rape and torture anymore campaign.
Environment- We should probably be saving that. Especially underwater. It's kinda important.
Fashion-I love fashion and fashion loves me. I think it's important to have your own style. I am a fashion icon.
What do you think of the mod? The mod rocks my life. She's so cute!
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