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Stop, collaborate, and listen.

Let me hear you say:


alias: Ash or PC. Pick one.
years alive: 16
residence: TX
top four groups: Caviar, Muse, Thinking Room, and Maroon 5.
top four flicks: You know, I always think about what my favorite movies are...but when it comes time to actually list them out or talk about them, I completely forget. In other words: Sleepy Hollow, all things oldschool Disney made, Kill Bill, and Moulin Rouge.
top four eats: Tomatoes, avocadoes, cupcakes, and processed turkey.
top four reads: The House of the Scorpion, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Artemis Fowl, and Fruits.
god: Depp.
hoss color: Tangerine.
goddess: Christina Ricci.
god of music: Danny Elfman.
causes of action: Let the hot gays have their hot gay sex in peace. ...And with a camera.
The Hottest Opinions Ever.
Drinking/Drugs: Double malibu with coca cola. ...And tabaccie is wackie. To put it simply: I don't do either and I avoid people who do. HORRAY FOR LOSERS.
Chicks who want rights: ...Eh, whatever. Just as long as those chicks do what they asked for. For example - If there's a draft, those women that cried "we rock as hard as men" should have to go off to war. Heh. Suckers.
plants 'n junk: GO PLANTS 'N JUNK! If I picked up anything from Sailor Moon, it was that we need to help our enviroment by not polluting it or letting evil psychos take over. The end.<3
clothes: I have 58 pairs of shoes. I think that about covers it.
Natari: Screw this! I'm way too cool to fill out applications to get accepted. ...But I did anyways. MAN, I'm deck!

Ice, ice, baby
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